Friday, 3 July 2015


This shoot has been a long time coming. I first met Brinkley back when I had my very first boutique on Glen Osmond road in Adelaide. She ‘facebooked’ me some pictures of herself wondering if I needed a model. Today I get hundreds of those emails a week but none have ever had the impact that Brinkley had on me. Her photos were raw, un-professional and taken in her backyard (I think one even featured her dog) but from that point on I was ‘Danielle for Brinkley 4 Eva!’ Sounds corny but I knew that girl with her white blonde hair, gigantic blue eyes and ‘I don’t wear makeup but I still look this good’ was someone I needed to stay in touch with. Clearly I was right.

With word that Brinkley was heading overseas to save the world with her hunky BF I got busy organizing a photo-shoot with her in her hometown of Port Lincoln (South Australia). The fact that she has a disgustingly good looking (and incredibly kind) boyfriend that I could use in the shoot was just too good to be true. Next in line was hair and makeup and once again someone I have always wanted to work with was the infamous Millie Herd (you might know her as Brow Boss).  In terms of a photographer I decided to just give it a crack myself. I’m handy enough with the camera so how hard can it be right (its fucking hard).  A few YouTube lessons later Mille and I were en-route to Port Lincoln where the shoot was to take place.

I don’t know what I have done right lately to deserve such a glorious day but good lordy lord did I get lucky! Tyson (the hunky BF) took us to a remote little dirt road and we found this perfect little nook where the sunlight was beaming into the car in an almost unrealistic way. Seriously, it was not real.  Aside from the perfect day and lighting I was working with in my opinion the best team ever. You are probably sitting there thinking ‘my team is better than yours’ but its not. My team ROCKED! Hair and makeup was bloody perfection and the relaxed attitude of the shoot complimented Brinkley and Ty’s Zen approach to life and work.

So basically I wanted the shoot to look like Brinkley and Ty were captured in their own world, just those two on the road being young, free, loving life, making love and loving each other.  

I’m not claiming I am a professional photographer, I have a lot to learn but I am pretty happy with the results. So admire, share, re-gram and enjoy.


Models: Brinkley Davies and Tyron Swam
Photograhper: Danielle Symes
H&M: Mille Herd
Styling: Danielle Symes
Behind the Scenes: Millie Herd