Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Ok so it took me a lot longer to get this edited than I planned but its been a journey to finally reveal this shoot to you guys. Firstly I want to start off my dedicating this shoot to my beautiful best friend Bridgette. She helped out on this shoot (you may remember her as the chick in the behind the scene shots that had to bear the brunt of my buttocks while I was shooting). Bridgette passed away only a few weeks after this shoot and it has hit myself and anyone that ever met Bridgette extremelly hard. Bridgette wanted to help out on this shoot for the pure thrill of it. She refused any kind of payment, she just wanted to be there for a friend and be involved in the creativity of it all. That pretty much sums her up as a person. She didn't expect anything from anyone but went out of her way to be there for others. I will miss her every single day but I am glad we had this one last project that we worked on together to look back on.

This shoot gave me more anxiety than any other shoot i've worked on and that was because for the first time I was the photographer. I have dabbled before but pretty much my skills are minimal and derive from being self taught via you-tube. I still wouldn't classify myself as a professional but I am pretty dam happy with the results. Luckily I had one of those teams that you can't ever plan for. Everyone that participated in this shoot got their shit together and delivered! I kept waiting for that moment when something would go horribly wrong but it just didn't come. At the end of the shoot I was completely exhausted and polished off a bottle of red but I slept well knowing it had been a success.

So on that note a big thank you to my team....

Photographer: Danielle Symes
Models: Nicola Cross and Allie Borgelt
Styling: Danielle Symes
Hair: Anastasia Van Milt of 'Black Hair Blonde'
Makeup: Emily Pearce of 'Empressions'
Assistants: Mary Franz and Bridgette Callahan Wight


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