Monday, 12 May 2014


I have done many a photo-shoot but this one was the one... the one that gave me the most anxiety leading up to it, the one that needed to be nothing less than perfect, the one where I was trying my hand at photography for the first time, the one that depended completely on the weather being pristine (which is was, thanks big guy), the one that would celebrate our store becoming solely an online store. 

It kicked off with shining brilliance after the hair and make-up team absolutely nailed the 'trash bag, just rolled out of bed' brief I had given them. I tried my hand at applying henna to Nicola's tiny, child like hands and managed to pull it off and we were, for once, running ahead of time! But then the drive out to woop woop got the better of me. I could not have got more lost which left us an hour behind schedule. I hate late people so being that late person did not sit well with me. I think I sprayed about 12 pumps of 'Rescue Remedy' under my tongue during that drive!

After finally arriving and seeing the shiny red vintage truck and my dad (my dad was our jolly truck drive model) decked out in his little costume I started to get my groove back. The first location involved the girls, my dad and the truck.... it.was.awesome! You could see my dad having heart palpitations over the 'chicky babes' (as he calls them).

Without giving too much away the rest of the day consisted of hotdogs, milkshakes, a hot pink mechanic, flamingos, smeared lipstick, pouting, sex hair, girl on girl chip action and a whole lot of flashing!

So now I have the ridiculous task of trying to choose what pics to share with y'all! I worked out one thing after this shoot... when you have models as bangin as Nicola and Allie and a team as hard working as we did no shoot is going to fail. Regardless of whether I taught myself how to use my camera via youtube the night before!

Models: Nicola Cross and Allie Borgt (and my dearest daddy)
Photographer: Danielle Symes
Styling: Danielle Symes, George Trevaskis and Steph Mahoney
Hair: Anastasia Van milt (Black Hair Blonde)
Makeup: Emily Pearce: Empressions Make-up
Assistants: Mary Franz (Franz Blog) and Bridgette Wight

Pics courtesy of Mary (Franz Blog)

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  1. looks like you had an awesome day! looking forward to seeing the editorial :)

    bon x