Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Each month I am challenging my Somethin Somethin staff to a FARSHUN OFF. They each get to choose a piece from the store and they then have to go off in their own time and get their creative noggins pumping! They have to style, photograph and blog their look and from there I choose my little winner who then gets to keep their chosen piece. Help me out with a winner and let me know who's blog your feeling the most!! 

Item chosen: Somdays Lovin Navy Swing Dress
Inspiration: "My main focus for this blog was to create a vintage, summer vibe to compliment the swing style of the dress and the retro accessories! I wanted to create a sense of fun!"

Dress: Somdays Lovin (Somethin Somethin)
Sunnies: Supa Sundays (Sometin Somethin)
Choker: Ebay
Skateboard: Ebay


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  1. which apps you used on these pictures? love them x