Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Each month I am challenging my Somethin Somethin staff to a FARSHUN OFF. They each get to choose a piece from the store and they then have to go off in their own time and get their creative noggins pumping! They have to style, photograph and blog their look and from there I choose my little winner who then gets to keep their chosen piece. For their first go I was blown away by what the girls came up with! I mean c'mon... a tee-pee glitter feet and Cara D grunge! Bravo girls, bravo! 

Item chosen: Somedays Lovin Thigh High Split Skirt
Inspiration: "I chose the skirt because the pattern really stood out for me and I love the movement the skirt has. I wanted to capture the skirt in the environment that I thought it represented. I went with gypsy style as I love the freedom and relaxed lifestyle that it promotes."

Skirt: Somedays Lovin
Top: Mink Pink Basic
Rings: El Minara and Steph's own
Necklace: El Minara
Bracelet: El Minara and Steph's own
Dream Catcher: Castles in the Skye

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  1. such a lovely post, looks like lots of effort went into this! xx