Monday, 29 July 2013


Its pretty safe to say that I get majority of my style inspiration from the ladies on the streets. Those dam off duty models and bloggers that look immaculate and perfect whilst talking on their mobiles or sipping on a Starbucks have me searching high and low for my next purchase only to usually discover its usually completely out of my price range. A girl can still lust and dream tho hey! Side note.... pretty sure after posting this I have just a realised my obsession towards denim and all black... may be time I started to inject some colour into my wardrobe!


Sources: Rogue Fox, Sincerely Jules, Lovemore, Snob, Maiden Sydney, Song of Style, They All Hate Us

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  1. Yup. The street is the new studio - although some of those ladies were clearly not entirely off duty.

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