Friday, 28 June 2013


Last night the Somethin Somethin webite went LIVE! After a year of planning, procrastinating, tantrums, OCDness, an evil hacker, extreme highs, the lowest of lows and genuine blood, sweat and tears I finally got to press that button that sent my baby live..... less than half an hour later the site was so overloaded with traffic that it crashed and burned only to leave me in a state of panic (and just a bit chuffed that I caused an outage) and spending the next hour trying to get it back up and running. Alas I finally beat the world wide web and is now up and running smoothly (knock on wood).

Now is the time for the Gold Logies special thanks.... 

Emily my stunning model and loyal worker. It started out as just me and her down in our tiny studio pumping out outfit after outfit surviving on nothing other than jelly beans and cookies and battling fits of delirious laughter.

George my super stylin babe who now helps me every shoot with styling after I admitted defeat juggling styling and photography. Her efficiency astounds me and her always cool style injects fresh eyes... a nice break for the blood shot, bag ridden puff bags im reppin!

And my darling husband Brad.... from putting up with irrational mood swings to letting me cry into his chest to one night when I was sick as a dog tucking me up on the couch with my wheat pack and learning the back end of the website so he could up load product for me. As cliche as it is I wouldn't have done it without him and I actually don't know how I will repay him... I may just start by being a normal person again as opposed to the psychotic, emotional and hormonal demon I have been for the last few months.

Well enough of that... I just hope you ladies love the site as much as I do and please spend money coz I've got a baby on the way and K-Rud ain't budging on that baby bonus abolishment!

Lots of love


Oh and should probably explain the pictures... this was our look book shoot taken over a year ago but the pics are so beautiful that I didn't see the point in shooting another look book and decided to give this shoot the glory moment it deserves.

Photographer: Marryam Lum
Models: Laura and Olivia from Pride Models
Styling: Myself and Jacq
Set Design: Myself and Jacq

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